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Sumatra Weh Ilang has flavors of Cacao Nibs, Mandarin Orange, Vanilla and Green Pepper. Comes in a medium or dark roast that is bold! 

[ Acidity: Bright / Body: Medium / Origin: Indonesia ]

LIMITED SUPPLIES! Since these beans come from specific farms, we are only able to provide as much as we can get. While we strive to maintain stock on these items, it is not guaranteed. If you like an ever evolving list of coffees to try, One - Single Origin is for you! 

12oz. 100% Roast To Order Coffee 

Also available in: 

- Coffee Pods: 12 count / 12g. per pod for Keurig 

Get Single Origin in several different types of grind options! We offer: 

- Whole Bean, great for preserving freshness and perfect for those who like to grind their own coffee. 

- Espresso/Fine grind for use in espresso makers and Moka Pot. Have an espresso maker and like bold coffee, this is for you! 

- Drip/Medium grind that is perfect in drip coffee makers. Also works great for refillable K-Cup pods. 

- French Press/Coarse grind is fantastic for French Press and Cold Brew as well! 

- Coffee Pods are for the Keurig machine users and provide a great rich taste! 

Pod boxes may vary in color due to available stock on hand. We primarily use black boxes but may use the kraft style due to low stock.

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