One - Brazil Jazblu Peaberry / Coffee
Brazil Planalto da Bahia Jazblu Peaberry from the region of Planalto da Bahia has rich flavors of chocolate, roasted peanuts and brown sugar. Comes in a light, medium or dark roast and very popular at all of those levels!  [ Acidity: Mild / Body: Bold / Origin: Brazil ] LIMITED SUPPLIES! Sinc..
One - Colombia Huila Coogracol / Coffee
Colombia Huila Coogracol from the region of Huila has flavors of milk chocolate, orange, almond and cane sugar. This coffee tastes great in the darker roasts! Comes in a dark or extra dark roast for the bold coffee lovers!  [ Acidity: Medium / Body: Medium / Origin: Columbia ] LIMITED SUPPLIE..
One - Peru Organic Minca / Coffee
Peru Organic Minca from the Andes Mountains Region, has fantastic flavors of chocolate, molasses, roasted almond and citrus. Comes in a medium or dark roast that will show those rich flavors!  [ Acidity: Medium / Body: Medium / Origin: Peru ] LIMITED SUPPLIES! Since these beans come from spec..
One - Uganda Rwenzori Natural / Coffee
Uganda Rwenzori Natural from the region of Rwenzori has more herb-like fruity/winey flavors such as grape and raspberry. Comes in a light or medium roast which makes the fruitiness shine through!  [ Acidity: Bright / Body: Medium / Origin: Uganda ] LIMITED SUPPLIES! Since these beans come fro..
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