Double Barrel Dark / Coffee
Double Barrel Dark has your big and bold flavors.  12oz. 100% Roast To Order, Columbian Dark Roast Coffee  Also available in:  - Coffee Pods: 12 count / 12g. per pod for Keurig  - 5lb. Battle Pack (whole bean only)  Get Double Barrel Dark in several different types of g..
Back The Blue / Coffee
This blend, like our brave Police Officers, will be the hero of the day. Back The Blue is a smooth blend of Columbia and Guatemalan coffees.  Comes in a medium or dark roast and excellent either way!  12oz. 100% Roast To Order Coffee  Also available in:  - Coffee Pods: 12 cou..
One - Brazil Jazblu Peaberry / Coffee
Brazil Planalto da Bahia Jazblu Peaberry from the region of Planalto da Bahia has rich flavors of chocolate, roasted peanuts and brown sugar. The body and acidity are light and mild!  Comes in a light, medium or dark roast and very popular at all of those levels!  LIMITED SUPPLIES! Sin..
One - Peru Organic Chasqui / Coffee
Peru Organic Chasqui from the regions of Cajamarca, Junin and San Martin, has fantastic flavors of dark chocolate, brown sugar, prune and walnut. This coffee has a heavy body and mild acidity.  Comes in a medium or dark roast that will show those rich flavors!  12oz. 100% Roast To Orde..
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