Hi Friends,

There are so many coffee retailers out there in this big world. They offer so many flavor profiles from different regions and add to their menu because that's what THEY love. But have they ever asked what you, the customer, likes to sip on?

No one has asked me either...

Sometimes I find that a specific brew method determines what bean flavor and roast level I will be using. For instance, if I am using the All American coffee drip machine, Keurig or my personal favorite, the French Press, there are no limits. However, if I'm in the mood to use my Moka Pot, Espresso maker or AeroPress, I'll be using my darker, richer, more bold beans.

But remember it's about your taste buds and what you prefer. It's America and there are no rules to coffee. Drink what you want and how you wish to brew it.

I want to ask you, what do you like? Is it a specific region that the coffee is grown in? Do you prefer light, medium, dark or extra dark roast levels? Maybe it's a certain flavor you enjoy, like rich chocolate nutty and caramel flavors? Or do you enjoy more lighter, fruitier flavors like apple, grapes or currants?

Let us know below what you would like to see stocked at Full Metal Java!

  • Feb 15, 2022
  • Category: Coffee
  • Comments: 4
Comments: 4
John Myseros 12-03-2022 18:11
Because I’m married my wife is the CO on what coffee is purchased. I want to buy from you be she likes instant coffee such similar to Nescafé. I don’t see any instant coffee on your website. I’m ready to buy.
Admin 12-03-2022 21:36
Thank you for the suggestion on instant coffee! We will certainly look into this option and see what we can do to offer it up. Appreciate the feedback!
Errin M. 19-04-2022 23:56
I have been very pleased with your product. They’ve all tasted great! I drink them based on my mood.I usually prefer the light to medium roasts, but when I need a real kick I go with the dark. Back the blue and FJB are my favorites!! Keep up the great work and God bless !!
Lori 08-08-2022 04:01
I’ve recently started using my cold brew carafe - and I’m obsessed with ice coffee! Ordering your Recoil Extra Dark to try as my next cold brew.
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